Thinking of a way to close your own loans and allow your customers to only deal with you from the initial application to the closing table? We have already invented the wheel and it is one well-oiled machine. Consider Closing Connect .

Rest assured we offer a fast, simple and secure closing experience and are offering a differentiated closing experience.

We are up to date with security and cloud-based technology platforms:

  • Positive pay fraud prevention software so lenders and borrowers can be confident that their money is protected.
  • Escrow account management automatically clears charges in real-time to reduce the risk of fraud and loss.
  • Smart balancing detects any inaccuracies in the file escrow and manages exceptions so issues can be resolved immediately.
  • Daily and monthly reconciliations through automatic clearing to clear disbursements daily and ensure that each file’s accounting functions flow smoothly and accurately.
  • Expandable centralized platform for e-signature and remote ink online notarization as they become available in Alabama.
  • Payoff verification platform
  • Meets the industry’s most stringent security requirements.

Strong Internal Controls and Established Best Practices because quality service begins with documented procedures and strong internal controls so that the service is consistent, dependable and secure.

  • Payoff Verification Shield Hub Service
  • me verification services
  • Out-of-the-boxy protection by secure email and encryption communications to help keep you and your client safe from external business scams

Financial Security with Errors and Omissions Policy, Cyber Liability Policy, Computer Crime Policy and Employee and Partner Dishonesty Policy and Escrow Security Bond